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tỷ lệ kèo nhà cái mới nhất

Welcome to Rhonagolf

Rhona offers several instruction programs that are formatted to help you develop as a golfer. Players of all skills levels or handip will appreciate Rhona’s approach to teaching the game of golf.

Her one of a kind mps, programs, clubs, golf outings, and private lessons are designed with the student in mind.

The Vision of Rhonagolf is to INSPIRE, EMPOWER AND EDUTE. The MISSION of Rhonagolf and Rhona is to PROMOTE the game of golf and serve as a role model on and off the course.

Rhonagolfthe game begins with you!


Rhona is a natural instructor – warm, positive and supportive. She has the innate ability to instil confidence in her students while taking them with ease and comfort to the next level in their development. Thanks to Rhona I have a new confidence in my game and I’m having a lot more fun playing! Thanks Rhona.
Don Gnatiuk